OPPO, the company which you have already heard of because of its phones at a reasonable price and the best camera in its range. The company has invested a lot of amount in its R&D department which is why it has always come with a stupendous innovation. OPPO has always focused on its design, built quality of the mobile which is why on 11 DEC 2020 in CHINA at the 4th China International Industrial Design Expo (CIIDE). The design of this NENDO was created by a Japanese company.


This is the most marvelous design in the history of foldable phones with three foldable screens and a stylus attached to it. We have seen a stylus on many previous phones and it is really helpful for the user as it improves the productivity of the user. OPPO has also introduced the conceptual design “MUSIC – LINK”. It is a collection of devices centered around a pair of TWS earphones which includes a smartwatch on an AI speaker, a portable charger, and a wireless charger. Talking about the NENDO, its design is related to the OPPO-centric phones which have all the features of the OPPO phones to make the user- experience better.

The new NINDO has all the aesthetics of the OPPO family and extends the boundaries of the OPPO mobiles up to a new limit. This design is going to change the way we look at conventional phones. The lightweight design, the better ergonomics, and the unhackneyed body have created a whole new segment of foldable mobiles.

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